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BedJet Spotlight: The Best Way To Cool Or Warm Your Mattress

July 31, 2020


In this post, we take a detailed look at the BedJet, a product which aired on the popular CNBC show, Shark Tank. The BedJet is a cooling and heating system specifically for your bed. They even offer a system that divides the bed in two, so you and your partner can have different temperatures.

Here is quick overview video of what to expect from BedJet:

Also, just so you know, this post was created in collaboration with BedJet, but as always, all opinions stated are completely our own.

BedJet Company Policies

The BedJet inventor and company founder is Mark Aramli, a former engineer from the NASA space suit. Aramli and his product were featured on Shark Tank in 2015, although unfortunately, every single “Shark” turned him down. Yet, within that same year, BedJet became one of the highest rated products in the entire bedding category on Amazon.

bedjet shark tank

BedJet pitch on Shark Tank

You can also order BedJet through the company’s official site. Upon ordering your BedJet, you can expect free shipping (within the US) and a 60-day return guarantee. If you decide that the BedJet just isn’t for you, within the 60-day trial period you can return it for a 100% refund without any restocking fees, and they’ll also pay for your shipping.

Your BedJet will also come with a comprehensive two-year warranty, in which they will replace any item that becomes damaged or defective, with no additional shipping costs.

How It Works

The BedJet works by using fan technology to send a gentle and quiet stream of air directly under your covers, warming up or cooling down your entire bed in about 30 seconds. You can either use one BedJet to heat or cool your entire bed, or two BedJets to have different temperatures per side of the bed.

bed jet heat

Ability to control both sides of the bed

If you prefer to sleep warm, but your partner prefers to sleep cool (did you know that over 50 percent of couples disagree over sleep temperature), you can bundle two separate BedJets with an accompanying Air Comfort Cloud Sheet (also sold separately). It works just like a top sheet, but can have dual zones to keep separate temperatures for either side of the bed. Basically, the sheet has two different cavities with slits for the nozzle of the BedJet. The dual zone sheet can still be used with just one BedJet machine if needed. The sheet can be used under comforters, quilts, and blankets, like any other sheet, and can be washed the same as the rest of your bedding.

The BedJet can be controlled with either its provided remote, or through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile app is very easy to use

Through our own testing, it’s more user friendly to control it through the app. It lets you control settings like air temperature, air flow, an off timer, and lets you save the settings so it remembers it for the following nights.

BedJet Construction

The BedJet v2 comes in a complete package of the 6.75” tall machine, the hose, the nozzle, the hook (to hold the nozzle next to the bed), and an essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. The essential oils help to keep your sheets smelling fresh, and we think it’s a nice touch.

Keep in mind that your bed will need to be at least 7” tall to fit the BedJet under it. If it doesn’t fit, the BedJet will need to be in plain sight next to your bed frame, and you might need to get the vertical mount stand that they sell separately. This product should also work fine with adjustable bed frames.

bed jet v2

The BedJet in action

The Air Comfort Cloud Sheet is made of 100% pure cotton for a soft and breathable feel. It comes in either single or dual. Honestly, we think the dual is very useful for those who share a bed and like different temperatures, but the single Air Comfort Cloud Sheet is not necessary for a single sleeper.

BedJet did not fit perfectly with our bed frame, as our bed frame was too thick. We also have our bed laying directly on our frame, without a box frame in between, which made things more difficult from a fit perspective. The result is that the nozzle of the BedJet peaks out over our bed, which sort of looks like a chestburster from the movie “Alien.”


Now be aware, the BedJet costs more than your average heated blanket. As of the date of this post, the BedJet V2 is on sale for $299. If you and your partner prefer different temperatures, you can purchase a Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for couples, which is two BedJets for a discount with the Air Comfort Cloud Sheet thrown in, as well, for keeping temperatures separate. Its MSRP is around $1,100, but as of the date of this post, it’s currently on sale for $689. You can also purchase just the Cloud Sheet, which is usually $139, for $79.

bed jet kit

BedJet may help to lower your utility bill

Take into account that heating or cooling just your bed is probably much more cost effective than heating or cooling your entire home all through the night. According to the Department of Energy, for every degree you lower the thermostat, you save 4% on your utility bills.


As the holidays are approaching and the nights are getting colder, I love every night I spend with BedJet, and my fiancé loves that he doesn’t have to suffer from my personal heat preferences. This product is going to be best for sweaty sleepers who frequently wake up drenched from their heated or weighted blankets, or women who may be menopausal or pregnant. BedJet does a great job of keeping you toasty, while keeping you dry. It’s also a great product for couples who like to sleep in different temperatures, much like myself and my fiancé.

If you are currently in the market for a cooling mattress, you might want to give BedJet a chance instead. It’s a fraction of the price of a new bed, and you can control the temperature down to the exact degree.

We say if it’s in your budget, go for it. It will probably save you some money because you’re not heating your entire home, and it might just save you from a few fights over the thermostat with your partner, which is priceless.