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Leesa Mattress Coupon Code – Insider Deals

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July 31, 2020


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There are a lot of mattress brands out there and we’ve quickly become fans of the ‘bed in the box’ concept. Leesa is one of the top brands out there and seems to advertise savings all over the place. The one thing with them is that if you go directly to their website sometimes they don’t publish the best Leesa promo code. We try to pay particular attention to the savings that they offer and keep this page updated. Leesa will change their discounts throughout the year and there may even be a better discount that’s running right now than we have listed on this page. But, in the event that there is a lesser discount (or none at all) promoted on Leesa.com, the code above will work for you.

leesa mattress coupon code promo code

We’ve posted a Leesa Mattress review

We don’t always post individual reviews of every product and in the case of Leesa, we actually did several comparison posts, including a Casper vs. Leesa Review. Leesa is a very soft mattress, but it does support you well. It has limited motion transfer, which is nice to see. Like many other mattresses out there, it’s comprised of several layers of foam and is designed to be soft, supportive, and cool. Additionally, Leesa offers a 100-night risk-free trial so you can actually use the mattress for basically three months and if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund at no extra cost to you. Leesa will actually send a representative to your door to pick up your mattress. Leesa tends to be middle of the road in terms of pricing. They’re more expensive than Tuft & Needle, but cheaper than Purple Mattress [Check Leesa Mattress Price].

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Is the Leesa Bed the best memory foam mattress online?

As always, the answer is it depends. After applying a Leesa coupon code and considering the entire value proposition, Leesa is hard to pass on and we do really like the mattress, but there are a lot of other brands out there as well. As an example, we’ve seen a lot of people directly comparing Tuft and Needle vs Leesa, in particular. While T&N isn’t a memory foam mattress per se, they do use a foam that is somewhat like memory foam (i.e. it’s responsive and conforms to the body). The big thing with Tuft is that they’re mattresses are very affordable. For you, pricing might be the most important thing when getting a new mattress. Tuft would probably be on the best choices here, especially after seeing the ratings on Amazon. If you want a super soft, true memory foam mattress, well then, Leesa is more your style. Casper would also be another very close choice here.