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Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Vs Nectar Mattress Comparison

Head to head mattress comparison of Brooklyn Bowery vs Nectar Bed

Last Updated: July 30, 2020

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery
Soft Foam Bowery is one of the top budget mattresses online today. It’s soft and comfortable, and sells for a really approachable price point.
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Memory Foam Nectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows.
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Before we talk specifically about the advantages and disadvantages of these bed in a box mattresses, let’s cover the admin/policy items. Both Nectar and Brooklyn offer free shipping (as is the case with most online mattress brands) as well as free returns. You even have a trial period where you can test the bed to see if it’s the one for you.

If you want to keep it, that’s fantastic. If you end up changing your mind for whatever reason, or no reason at all, both brands will issue you a full refund. That is if you’re within the first 120 nights with Brooklyn Bowery and the first 365 nights with Nectar. You read that right. Brooklyn Bedding essentially lets you test the bed risk-free for a third of a year; Nectar lets you try the bed out for a full year. I’m sure they have really low return rates, which is why they can afford to offer the trial periods, but it’s still really neat that you have that level of flexibility. For the record, most direct-to-consumer (DTC) / bed in a box mattress companies offer a 100-night risk-free trail, so both Brooklyn Bedding and Nectar are above that standard.

Even more, if you keep the bed, Brooklyn offers a 10-year warranty and Nectar offers a lifetime warranty, which is pretty much unheard of for a bed in a box. Off the top of my head, I can only recall a few other brands that also offer a lifetime warranty (Layla Sleep and Nest Bedding). As an FYI, the typical consumer will start looking for a new bed between years 7 and 12, so Brooklyn has you pretty much safely covered and Nectar definitely has you covered. The typical bed in a box comes with somewhere around a 10-year warranty. For example, Casper MattressPurple Mattress, and Leesa Mattress all also offer 10-year warranties.

Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bowery vs Nectar Mattress – Pricing

While the prices are very similar between the two mattresses, Brooklyn Bowery tends to be slightly more affordable than Nectar. As such, if you’re making a decision purely on economics, Bowery is the way to go. You can see a breakdown of prices (pre-discount) below.

Brooklyn Bowery Pricing:

Twin $499
Queen $699
Twin XL $549
Full $649
King $949
Cal King $949

Nectar Pricing:

Twin $898
Queen $1,198
Twin XL $968
Full $1,098
King $1,398
Cal King $1,398

After taking into account promotions and coupon codes, however, the pricing changes somewhat. For example, Brooklyn is offering 20% off with code RIZKNOWS20. That means a Queen size mattress goes from $649 down to $599, making it one of the most affordable beds on the market.

Nectar, via this link, offers $125 off plus 2 free pillows, which pulls the Queen size bed down from $795 to $670, plus you’re getting those two free pillows (not sure if you care about that part, but we do like the pillows). As such, Brooklyn Bowery is still more affordable when chiefly looking at price (unless you factor in those pillows).

Brooklyn Bowery Bed vs Nectar Mattress Memory Foam

Below are breakdowns of the construction of each bed. As you will notice, Brooklyn does not use memory foam, while Nectar has quite a bit of memory foam. Overall, we do think both beds are especially comfortable. And since they’re so different we just can’t pick a winner in the comfort category. They’re both good, it just depends on your preferences as far as feel goes.

brooklyn bedding bowery mattress review construction and materials
Sideview of Brooklyn Bowery.
nectar mattress review construction and materials of memory foam
Sideview of Nectar.

Aside form obvious aesthetic differences, the feel is quite different between the two beds. Nectar feels like your prototypical memory foam mattress, while Bowery is more responsive with softer foams. As such, with Bowery you never have trouble switching sleeping positions at night, but you might with Nectar since memory foam compresses a lot. Bowery is just the more responsive mattress.

brooklyn bedding bowery review mattress
Bowery will accommodate all types of sleepers.

Both will have no problem accommodating back, stomach, side, and even combo sleepers. Brooklyn is around a 4.5 – 5.5 on the soft to firm scale (0 is soft, 10 is firm) and Nectar is around a 4.75 – 5.75 on that same scale. Of course, firmness/softness is subjective, as it changes with how much you weigh. Someone that’s overweight will rate these on the softer end, but someone that’s petite will experience a much firmer bed.

See more details about the Brooklyn Bowery Mattress.

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress vs Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Memory Foam (again)

Given the differences in feel, it definitely could be an advantage that Nectar feels like your traditional memory foam bed. Some people just really like that. Our production manager (Dillon), for example, absolutely loves memory foam and is always bothering us about how comfortable Nectar is.

One nice thing about Nectar, however, is that it is cooler than your typical memory foam bed. It does compress and conform to your body, but it won’t leave you sweating like crazy in the middle of the night. It’s not the coolest bed that we’ve tested, but it’s not notably hot either. Basically the same could be said of Bowery.

nectar mattress review

And even though Bowery is more responsive, you only somewhat get that “stuck in the mud” feeling with Nectar. It’s designed to cradle your figure and offer plenty of pressure relief (which it does), but it won’t have you feeling like your sleeping “in the bed.” In summary, it feels like memory foam, but not in a bad way. If you like memory foam, you’ll prefer Nectar for sure.

Nectar vs Brooklyn Bedding Support

Nectar also seems to have more support than the Bowery. For example, a heavier individual will prefer the dense construction of Nectar to the softer, more fluffy/bouncy feel of Bowery. Neither bed will have you bottoming out, but in general Nectar has the better support.

And that’s especially true around the edge of the mattress. This is really important for couples that sleep on a smaller bed where space is minimal. Nectar doesn’t compress too much around the edges and therefore never gives you a “roll off” sensation. Bowery isn’t bad, but Nectar wins out here.

Brooklyn Bowery Mattress vs Nectar Comparison Summary

We really like both of these beds and can’t pick an outright favorite. Rather, it comes down to individual preferences and flexibility on price. If you want memory foam and support, go Nectar. If you want soft, bouncy, and world-class comfort, go Bowery. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

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