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Mattress Reviews

We have invested thousands of dollars and hours into testing researching, and producing the best mattress reviews you can find online.

Mattress Brands

A lot of people inquire about specific mattress brands. For whatever reason, they’re particularly interested in one brand—perhaps because a friend recommended it or they saw an ad on Facebook—but they just want more information on one bedding company. We totally get that. And that’s one of the reasons that we try to test as many brands as possible, which allows us to have a good breadth of companies featured on the site. One thing we will also occasionally do is mention the beds that our employees personally use. After all, those are the mattresses that we intimately know and clearly really like. That said, as you can imagine, we do happen to rotate brands and beds pretty frequently, so we’re not always on the exact same bed.

Mattress Reviews

Spring & Hybrid Mattresses

If you’re aren’t familiar with mattress verbiage, when we refer to a bed as a “hybrid” mattress, we mean that it incorporates two or more different types of materials. For example, the New Purple 2, 3, and 4 Mattresses are hybrids because they marry the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer material with poly foam and pocketed coils.

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All-Foam Mattresses

These are probably the most common form of mattresses out there, especially online. They are typically more affordable than other types of beds, which often makes them a good mattress for guest bedrooms, young professionals, children, and anyone looking for a cheap / budget mattress. Having said that, there’s no hard and fast rule with foam beds.

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Our Testing Process

We have been reviewing products online since 2013 and craft each review to be helpful, insightful, and fair. We also like to throw in some humor and try to be as concise as we can, bearing in mind that a mattress is an expensive, important purchase. Additionally, any product that we review, we actually physically have and test in-person. We don’t do spec reviews or piggyback off of other reviews online.

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Mattresses Guides

We’ve also put together a full Mattress Buying Guide that’s incredibly detailed and will walk you through a huge list of considerations with regard to mattresses. Unsure of what edge support means and why you should care? Read the guide! Don’t really know what latex foam is? Read the guide! You get the point, we think it’s very helpful.

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Comprehensive Mattress Buying Guide

Not sure what all these terms mean? Start here!

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We are pretty frugal people here at the Slumber Yard and, therefore, we nearly always bring up pricing and mattress deals / coupons. As a benchmark, the typical online mattress in a queen size is about $1,000 (post-discount). You’ll usually pay a little more in-store, but not by that much in general. As for the beds that we would consider budget, those usually are below around $700 for a queen size after discount.

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Under $1,000
Best Mattresses Under $1,000

Budget under $1,000? We have the best picks for you.

Best Luxury & High End Mattress

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