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Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

What's the deal with the Purple Hybrid mattress?

Last Updated: July 30, 2020

  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • 100 Nights Trial Period
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Made in USA
Who Is This Best For?

If you’re looking for a unique, responsive mattress with a different type of feel

All types of sleepers (particularly back and stomach)

Who Won’t Love It?

Shoppers with a budget under $1,000

Individuals who prefer traditional memory foam beds

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review Outline and Overview

Honest Purple Hybrid Review Video

Over the past several years, Purple has become one of the biggest names in the bed in a box industry thanks in large part due to the unique design of their mattress. The original Purple mattress incorporated a material called hyper-elastic polymer, which took the industry by storm. The material is actually patented by the founders of the company and as such, Purple is the only company in the industry who uses it. Hyper-elastic polymer sort of feels like gel but it’s not actually gel. It’s very soft and flexible but it’s also quite responsive, which makes for a super unique feel.

So what do you do when you already make one of the most innovative mattresses on the market? Well, apparently you go back to the drawing board and continue to improve, refine and come up with new offerings.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Shipping, Trial Period And Warranty

Like most bed in a box mattress companies, Purple offers free shipping and free returns. I guess I should clarify one thing though, when I say bed in a box, you’re obviously assuming the mattress arrives compressed in a box and you’re in charge of setup. However, that’s not the case with the Purple 2 mattress. All the new Purple mattresses ship with free white glove delivery. That means a person will actually show up at your door, unload the mattress and help you set it up. They’ll also take away your old mattress if you’d like.

From there, Purple gives you 100 nights to test out the mattress. If you decide you like it, great, that’s the ultimate goal. If you find you don’t like though at any point during the trial period, just give Purple a call and they will send someone to your house or apartment free of charge to pick it up and refund your money. Purple also backs their mattresses with a 10 year limited warranty.

Purple Hybrid Layers And Construction

Before we talk about the construction of the Purple 2.0 mattress, let’s take a step back and review how the original Purple mattress is constructed. Like a lot of online mattresses, the original Purple contains a couple layers of foam. It starts with a 4″ layer of 2 pound polyurethane foam. The middle layer is also polyurethane foam but it’s a little lighter at 1.8 pounds, therefore it acts more as a transitional layer. Top layer is a 2″ layer of Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer in what they call their Smart Comfort Grid. Here’s what it looks like:

purple mattress topper polymer
2″ Layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer

Now the primary difference between the Purple 2 mattress and the original Purple mattress is that the Purple 2 incorporates coils. Instead of having 7.5″ of polyurethane foam on the bottom, the Purple 2 employs a layer of 7.5″ individually wrapped coils. We’ve been seeing a lot of mattress companies going away from dense foam on the bottom and instead using coils (BearBrooklyn Bedding and Tomorow Sleep to name a few). In theory, individually wrapped coils are supposed to offer better bi-directional support than foam because coils are able to absorb weight while also pushing back. The result is that the mattress is able to conform to your body while also providing a little responsiveness and support. Generally, coils are also supposed to be more durable than foam and also help with airflow as well.

So now that you know a little about why you might want individually wrapped coils, let’s move onto what makes this bed truly special. And again, that’s the top layer. The Purple 2 mattress incorporates the same 2″ layer of hyper-elastic polymer that the original Purple uses. Like I stated earlier, it’s a super soft and flexible material. Purple likes to say it’s ‘soft where you want it and firm where you need it’. I have to admit though,  it does feel a little weird at first. You can feel the little squares that are in the grid formation (see picture above) bend, move and compress as you lay down on the bed.

However, after a couple nights on the bed, you really start to like the feeling. It’s one of those things (like flying first-class) that once you do it (or sleep on it in this case), it’s hard to go back to a traditional all-foam mattress. Purple also added a foam border around the Purple Hybrid mattress to help with edge support.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer Up Close

Wrapping the bed is a soft, comfortable cover that is removable. However, if you happen to spill something on it or get it dirty, Purple recommends you just spot clean it with a mild detergent. That’s how you can clean most bed in a box covers so no big deal there.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Overall Feel And Firmness

We literally just received the new Purple Hybrid mattress yesterday so we want to hold off on our opinions for about a week until we truly test it. We don’t like to give opinions after just laying on it for a few minutes. However, I will tell you that we expect it to feel very similar to the original Purple since the top layer is the same. However, we could see the Purple Hybrid being a little firmer. We gave the original Purple a 4.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale but since the new model is constructed a little different, we could see the coils providing a little more support and push-back. Still, we anticipate the Purple 2 to be right around a 4-5 making it a great option for all kinds of sleepers (back, stomach and side). Regardless, we’ll update this section in the coming days.

new purple 2 mattress review
The new Purple Hybrid mattress is awesome

Purple Hybrid Temperature Regulation

We thought the original Purple mattress was one of the best performing beds on the market in terms of temperature regulation. When testing the bed we never felt too hot or too cold. It always about right. And that’s because hyper-elastic polymer in general is a cooler material than memory foam and latex foam. Also, looking at the picture above, you can see the material is laid out in a grid formation so air can flow more freely throughout the columns. Since the Purple mattress 2 has the same top layer as the original, we expect to perform just as well. In fact, since it now incorporates coils as opposed to foam on the bottom, it may actually perform even better since coils are better for airflow as well. Again though, we’ll update this section as soon we spend some more time on the bed.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Motion Transfer

In our initial tests, we didn’t experience any issues with the original Purple mattress in terms of limiting motion transfer. Surprisingly, the hyper-elastic polymer did a good job of deadening cross mattress movement. However, in our experience, all-foam beds have performed slightly better than hybrid mattresses so we’re not sure what to expect with the Purple mattress 2. We don’t think the coils will work as well as the dense polyurethane foam the original uses but still don’t expect it to be a major concern. At the end of the day, we expect the Purple 2 mattress to be just fine if you or your partner move around a lot in your sleep.

new purple mattress motion transfer
Testing motion transfer on the new Purple mattress

Purple Hybrid Responsiveness And Edge Support

Hyper-elastic polymer snaps back to its original form almost immediately after releasing pressure. It’s pretty impressive. Since the top layer is the same with the Purple 2, we expect more the same. This means you’ll find it easy to switch between sleeping positions throughout the night. A lot of times, especially with heavy memory foam beds, you’ll sort of sink down quite a bit and the bed won’t be as responsive, which means you’ll have to exert quite a bit more effort to switch positions. Responsiveness can also be an indicator of long-term durability.

In terms of edge support, this is one area where we definitely expect an upgrade over the original Purple mattress. With the original Purple mattress, if you sat or laid down on the edge, you’d sink down quite a bit and get a little but of that roll-off sensation. However, the Purple 2 mattress now has a foam border, which should help with this. We still expect to sink down a little near the edges but no nearly as much as the original. Edge support is an important concern for couples who share a smaller size bed (i.e. full or queen). A lot of times when you share a bed, you’ll find yourself curled up near the edges so it’s important those areas can support you.

Purple Hybrid Price And Coupon Codes

The Purple 2 mattress is expensive. However, considering the materials and the quality of this bed, I wouldn’t put it in the same category as the average bed in a box (think CasperLeesa, etc.). It definitely belongs in that higher-end, premium category of mattresses. After all, it’s not actually a bed in a box – it’s white glove baby. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

California King$1,89972″ x 84″ x 11″
King$1,89976″ x 80″ x 11″
Queen$1,59960″ x 80″ x 11″
Twin XL$1,29938″ x 80″ x 11″

Unfortunately, Purple doesn’t offer coupon codes all that often that you can advantage of. Instead, they are almost always running some sort of bundle promotion. For example, we’ve seen in the past where you get a free mattress protector or free set of sheets when you purchase a mattress. [check current Purple promotions].

Purple Hybrid Review Verdict

We loved the original Purple mattress and we expect to love the new versions just as much. In the past, we’ve liked the feel of hybrid mattresses, so we are excited to try out the Purple 2. On the downside, the Purple 2 is pricey but I guess as the old saying goes – you get what you pay for.